Ultimate Tactical LED Flashlights that Everyone Must Have



A flashlight is a transportable hand-held electronic light which consists of a light bulb straddling in a reflector, a translucent cover, a battery, and a switch. The source of the light can be a small luminous bulb or a LED.

The Evolution of Flashlights


With the invention of dry cell battery in 1896, the portable forms of technology were more possible than before. Portable lighting was also made harmless without the risk of burns from fire torches and lanterns.


Flashlights were upgraded with the evolution of tungsten filament lamp. Flashlights became more popular and in demand.  By 1922, numerous flashlights were invented.


The MAGLITE Flashlight, one of the most popular flashlights in history, initially made for public safety in 1979. Later they become most widely used tactical flashlight by the Law Enforcement.


Now-a-days LED flashlights are becoming more popular since its improvement in 1999. Still there are many people who don’t know the advantages of using LED flashlights. There are so many reasonable edges and the buyers should learn about why LED flashlights are better than others.


LED flashlights are more effective than normal incandescent bulb flashlights because of their longer bulb life and better battery life. Where the ordinary bulbs provide a two-hour range of battery life, the LED flashlight’s batteries shock the competition away with an average of 90 hours’ battery life. However, the LED flashlights might be expensive but it’s guaranteed that it is a better investment in buying flashlights as they can last for years and never need a new battery. The durability of LED flashlights is very high and they offer huge lumen power. This is why one should choose the LED flashlights over any other ordinary flashlights.

For more interesting facts on flashlights you can also visit Flashlightpedia.


The Tactical Flashlights



A flashlight can be used in many ways but when it comes to choose a self-defense tool, a flashlight might not come into our head. Tactical flashlights can provide a perfect guide way to self-defense if we use them properly. A tactical flashlight is a must have product for anyone. Tactical flashlights are mainly used with the firearms for target illumination. The ordinary flashlights are just able to illuminate something but they have lacking in other functions. In case of personal security, there must be something which can be the easiest tool to use. That is why tactical flashlights are originated. Tactical flashlights have several features to handle any kind of difficult situation. The word “tactical flashlight” may not have a perfect definition but its functions can clear the concept of its naming. The characteristics of tactical LED flashlights are as follows:


  • Produces almost 700-900 lumens.
  • Highly durable and long-lasting battery life.
  • Portable and smaller in size.
  • Consists of weapon-grade aluminum.
  • Surfaced grip (anti-roll profile).


Having a tactical military flashlight like this one in your hand will provide your personal safety and survival in emergency cases. Along with your pocket knife, a tactical flashlight can blind an aggressor and detect threats coming forward. There are several places where a gun or a knife is not permitted but tactical LED flashlights can be used. The tactical flashlights are non-lethal and so their application will not harm anyone permanently but for a moment. Tactical LED flashlights are used in the military or other security organizations of a country. So you should own a tactical LED flashlight.


Purposes of Tactical Flashlights


It is said that danger lurks in the dark. The FBI has reported that majority of violent crimes happen in the dark. So a tactical flashlight will lighten the world for you and protect you from dangers. When we are discussing about tactical LED flashlights we are concentrating on the notion of winning in a combat situation. This is why tactical flashlights are built with high quality materials. There are so many purposes of using a tactical flashlight in your regular life.


  • Self-defense: As it is said earlier, tactical LED flashlights are hugely used as self-defense guide. These tactical flashlights are designed to provide someone with the advantages in warfare. The tactical flashlights have hard anodized aluminum which can be used as a striking tool. Many tactical LED flashlights like the G700 come up with crenelated bezels that are shaped in such a way that will assist you to break windows and face both. Moreover, it will make your fists more overwhelming by holding a tactical flashlight in your hand. Also, the high lumen power can blind the attacker for a moment so that you can escape quickly. If you combine these powers of tactical flashlights of blinding someone and striking, then you can be a devastating example of dominating someone in the combat. But of course, if you are not trained you should only use the tactical flashlights to blind the attacker and just run away.


  • Detecting things in the dark: This is the main purpose of any flashlight, identifying things in the dark. If you have a tactical flashlight in your hand, you can keep calm and just illuminate any dark alley or a parking lot. So there is no longer fear of losing anything in the dark.


  • Emergency: In emergency situations like natural disasters or someone trying to shoot up the whole place, it can be invaluable to use a tactical LED flashlight to lighten the place or to blind the enemy. In case of survival, it is necessary to find out the important materials. So, the tactical flashlights can be used there too.


Users and Application Sectors of Tactical Flashlights


Tactical flashlights have some common application areas like in hunting or in military. Tactical flashlights are very commonly used by the Special Forces, military agencies or the army. The tactical LED flashlights come across attached directly under the barrel but they can also be coupled to mount on a rifle-scope or any laser target pointer. These tactical flashlights are designed to detect anything, aim and illuminate the shooting unit. The ultimate tactical LED flashlights have major advanced safety mechanisms including impact resistant steel bezels which can break glasses, or assist you in hand-to-hand battle.


Military Grade Flashlight


There are some special features in the military grade LED flashlights like multiple lighting modes such as SOS, strobe and firefly. The strobe mode can blind the enemy for a moment as it can emit light of high frequency and high lumens. The SOS mode is used in moment of distress to signals- three short, three long and three short signals which can be paused and repeated. The firefly mode can be used up to 120 days because of its low energy consumption. It can be used in extreme situations.

One great example is the G700 which is one of the top rated military flashlights currently selling online. You can read more about it in this G700 tactical flashlight review & buying guide where you can find info on every single aspect.


Difference between Ordinary and Tactical Flashlights


Regular flashlights are only used in lighting something, or to assist in household activities. But tactical LED flashlights are very effective in both lighting an area and self-guidance. This is why one should own a tactical flashlight.

A great example that shows the difference between a regular flashlight and a tactical one read:

The Truth About Alumitact X700 Military-Grade Tactical Led Flashlight


Tactical Flashlights Models and Manufacturers


Till now we have learnt about various features of a tactical flashlight. As the modern age progresses, the evolution of these tactical flashlights is taking place under the banner of various manufacturing companies. People these days always look forward to advanced technologies and unique design of a product. To provide the best one at the most efficient price the companies are producing better tactical LED flashlights and bringing in the market. To ensure the productivity and stylish outlook the vendors always try to do something new. There are so many outstanding tactical flashlights in the market. Some of them are named here:


  • Stream light 88040 ProTac Tactical LED Flashlight
  • Lumitact G700 Tactical LED Flashlight
  • Soonfire V06 Tactical Flashlight
  • Vizeri Tactical LED Flashlight
  • ShadowHawk X800 Tactical Flashlight
  • EcoGear FX Tactical LED Flashlight
  • SOLARAY PRO ZX-1XL Tactical Flashlight
  • Klarus XT11 CREE XM-L Tactical LED Flashlight
  • MAGLITE S4D016 Tactical Flashlight
  • EagleTac G25C2 MK II XM-L2 Tactical LED Flashlight
  • Arctic LED Flashlight
  • Ultra-Fire LED Flashlight


Streamlight, Vizeri, Surefire, Elzetta are very popular manufacturing companies which produce tactical flashlights. They have produced and marketed numerous models of tactical flashlights. The market of these tactical flashlights is widely spread all over the world and this is why many vendors are coming for


The Most Sold Tactical Flashlights


Tactical flashlights are very popular in developed countries like United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, and Australia. The price of tactical flashlights may vary from different manufacturing companies. All producers will like to see their own product being sold largely. But due to the price and other key features not all tactical LED flashlights get popularity. A report suggests that the most sold tactical flashlights in the United States of America are- Lumitact G700 tactical LED flashlight and ShadowHawk X800 tactical flashlight. They are not popular because of their outlook, but their widespread functions and efficiency have made them the best in the business and the most sold tactical flashlights.

Lumitact G700 Tactical Flashlight

The Lumitact G700 tactical flashlights can produce 700 lumens of LED power which is more than enough to turn night into day where the ordinary flashlights can produce almost 400 lumens. This illumination feature of Lumitact G700 tactical LED flashlights has made it the brightest military tactical LED flashlight in the whole world. Not only the lumen power, but these Lumitact G700 tactical flashlights are also designed for combat. The Lumitact G700 tactical LED flashlights are made from aircraft aluminum and this makes these LED flashlights most durable and indestructible beyond any measure.

The Lumitact G700 tactical flashlights have a sharp tip which makes it a weapon capable of neutralizing any attacker. The technology used to make this Lumitact G700 tactical flashlight is the most advanced. The LED technology used in these tactical flashlights is not even available in the market. It was originally developed for the US military and today it is only used by the military and NASA. Moreover, the Lumitact G700 tactical flashlights have 6 different focus modes which allow you to switch from wide range to telescoping range and from sphere to square box.

The Lumitact G700 tactical flashlights can be used to make an emergency SOS signal or to blink several times which is perfect for survival occasions. The high end telescopic lamp glass of Lumitact G700 tactical flashlights last more than 1200 lights hours which makes it one of the most durable glasses in the world.

Another exciting feature of these Lumitact G700 tactical LED flashlights is that there is no need of changing the battery as the LED flashlight will be provided with a charger. So the battery can be charged and in between an hour the LED flashlight will be ready to use again. Aircraft aluminum was used to manufacture the Lumitact G700 tactical flashlights which make the flashlights amazingly resistant to crashes. You can run over Lumitact G700 tactical flashlights with your car and surprisingly it will still work efficiently. The Lumitact G700 tactical flashlights are waterproof and can go up to 100 feet underwater. As the Lumitact G700 tactical LED flashlight is designed for the military, it has multiple combat purposes.

The light beam that the LED chip is emitting is so powerful that it can blind someone for 2 seconds on a distance from 0 to 500 feet. It can also make a person unable of moving toward the light. The Lumitact G700 tactical flashlights are one of the most sold tactical flashlights in the USA and it is currently sold exclusively in online. There are fake vendors and replicas on Amazon or eBay which are underpriced due to lack of original technology. The original Lumitact G700 tactical flashlights are normally priced $224.45. However, with a discount of 75% the LED flashlights are now available for only $56. The Lumitact G700 tactical LED flashlights can be purchased online with free worldwide shipping.


ShadowHawk X800 Tactical Flashlight


The flashlight that raised the market standard, ShadowHawk X800 Tactical Flashlight, is another tactical flashlight which is very popular in the modern and advanced countries. ShadowHawk X800 tactical flashlights are one of the most sold tactical flashlights in the US and they are developed for two of the largest American Private Military and Security Contractors. To upsurge the brand awareness and social responsibility, the ShadowHawk X800 tactical flashlights are released to the open market and made available to public at exceptional discounted price. This tactical LED flashlight is provided with a package of freebies, rechargeable battery sets and a 3-year warranty.

The ShadowHawk X800 tactical flashlights are also made of aircraft grade aluminum with a unique LED technology “XPE Lightbulb”. These tactical flashlights are very lightweight and compact. They also have a sharp edge with strike bezel. The whole casing of these tactical LED flashlights is waterproof and the rechargeable battery can last more than 72 hours with 1 charge. The durability of ShadowHawk X800 tactical flashlights is also high with more than 100,000 hours and the emitted light can zoom and focus up to 2000 times.

The lumen power of the ShadowHawk X800 tactical LED flashlights is very much high and advanced. With a power of 800 lumens it can easily turn night into day. The whole LED flashlight mechanism is operated by 5 modes. The main purposes of using these ShadowHawk X800 tactical flashlights are urban safety and self-defense in combat. You can move freely in the darkest alleys with holding the ShadowHawk X800 tactical LED flashlights in your hand.

The STROBE mode of the tactical flashlight will assist you disorient the enemy just by pointing a flash at their eyes and the sharp strike bezel will help you to strike the attacker harder, if it is necessary. During an earthquake, blackouts, tornados or other natural disaster these tactical flashlights will help you to bright up the area, and seek help. The original ShadowHawk X800 Tactical LED Flashlight can be purchased via online markets. It is now available in a limited offer package with a 75% discounted price and gifts. The shipping is also free but the ShadowHawk X800 tactical LED flashlights are only available in the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand.



Product Comparison of Tactical Flashlights


As the crimes are growing virally, it has become a vital that people take necessary steps to defend themselves. If you are a resident of an insecure neighborhood, then you must have to own a tactical flashlight in order to protect yourself from any kind of danger at any time. As we have talked earlier about the tactical flashlights and their benefits, we should also compare various models of these LED flashlights.


Till now, we have come to a point where we can state that the Lumitact G700 tactical flashlights and ShadowHawk X800 tactical flashlights are the best ones in the business. These two models are being called the flashlights of future. But still these two have many differences. So it is important to learn about them by comparing the two products and choose the perfect tactical LED flashlight.


Here are some points to be compared between Lumitact G700 tactical LED flashlight and ShadowHawk X800 tactical flashlight:


  • Availability: The ShadowHawk X800 tactical flashlights are only available in the United States of America while Lumitact G700 tactical flashlights are available almost all over the world. So if you are resided outside the US, your only option is to buy Lumitact G700 Tactical LED Flashlights.


  • Brightness or Lumen Power: Lumitact G700 tactical LED flashlights can supply you up to 700 lumens of light which is enough to turn nights into day. On the other hand, ShadowHawk X800 tactical flashlights will provide 800 lumens which are surely better than Lumitact G700 tactical flashlights, and more than enough to illuminate an area and turn night into day.


  • Dimensions: The compressed length of Lumitact G700 tactical flashlights and ShadowHawk X800 tactical flashlights is the same, 13 cm. Again the extended length for Lumitact G700 is 15.7 cm while for ShadowHawk X800, it is 17.3 cm making it a bit longer. The wide of tip and base both for the tactical flashlights are the same.


  • Adjustable Focus: Both the tactical flashlight is developed with advanced adjustable focus. So in this case, both the flashlights are same in quality.


  • Preset Modules: The operation mode or the preset module of a tactical LED flashlight is an important part of it. Functionally, the operation modes can turn an ordinary flashlight to a tactical one. The best tactical flashlights may have 5 extra-ordinary preset modules. It is a tough thing to differentiate the Lumitact G700 and ShadowHawk X800 tactical flashlights by these preset modules because both of them consist of those 5 preset modules or operation modes. The modes are- High, Medium, Low, Strobe and SOS.


  • Material: The manufacturing material of any product is one of the major components of its productivity. As for tactical flashlights, the material plays a vital role as the LED flashlights are used in self-defense. And no surprise, both the Lumitact G700 and ShadowHawk X800 tactical flashlight is made of aircraft aluminum.


  • LED Technology: The LED technology used in Lumitact G700 is one of the best in the world which is only used by NASA. It is the Cree XM-L T6 technology and it made a revolutionary change in the history of LED and tactical flashlights. On the other hand, the ShadowHawk X800 tactical flashlight is using the XPE Tactical LED technology which promises to be “one of the most powerful and bright bulbs on the market today” and offers at least 40x the power of incandescent lighting or 6x the lighting of florescent bulbs.


  • Lamp Life and Batteries: Both the Lumitact G700 and ShadowHawk X800 tactical flashlights have got a lamp life period of 100,000 hours and rechargeable battery of 3 AAA.


  • Price: As the tough competitors in the market, both Lumitact G700 and ShadowHawk X800 Tactical LED Flashlights are being sold at only $56 with free shipping. But the ShadowHawk X800 tactical LED flashlights are available for free shipping only in US.


  • Guarantee: Both the Lumitact G700 and ShadowHawk X800 tactical flashlights offering 30 days’ money back guarantee.


Guide to Find the Best Tactical LED Flashlight


When you are opting to buy a tactical flashlight, there are several factors which will come forward. Here are some procurement tips for finding the best tactical LED flashlight for you:


  1. Budget: You will always get what you are paying for. So while buying a tactical flashlight you should have knowledge about their market prices along with its quality. A standard flashlight will start around $25 – $30. But when it comes to a tactical flashlight, the price might be higher than this.


  1. Size: Tactical flashlights should always be portable and very handy. So they should fit in your pocket. You should also be able to grab the flashlight in your fist.


  1. Power source: There are some tactical flashlights which offer rechargeable batteries. Unlike the disposable batteries, the rechargeable ones are better and more likely to be effective. They are compact, and standard in size.


  1. Brightness: The special and best tactical LED flashlights can easily turn night into day. Those got a huge illuminating power of almost 700-900 lumens. So when you are buying a tactical flashlight, you should watch out for its capability of lighting.


  1. Durability: It’s important for tactical LED flashlights to be highly durable. As it can provide you safety and guide you in any combat, so it should be made of strong materials. The best in the business is anodized aircraft aluminum with a LED bulb. So you should always keep these things in your mind before buying an ultimate tactical LED flashlight.


User Reviews


The Lumitact G700 Tactical LED Flashlight and ShadowHawk X800 tactical flashlight both have a large number of customers around the world. These two brands have now become the most popular and tough competitor of each other in the market. The users have provided various compliments and reviews after using these tactical flashlights.


Jane M., a model from L.A, USA, said, “This toy (Lumitact G700) is really powerful! I’ve used it once to protect myself from a guy that was following me in the neighborhood and he ran away. It’s so much better than pepper spray!


I think that every woman should have one in her purse for safety purposes.


A private security professional from San Francisco said, “As a security guard I’ve used a lot of different flashlights before but I have never seen a flashlight that can keep its battery life for so long. It’s very bright, with a laser sharp focus option and I think that every serious security guard should have one.


A private security expert from L.A, Ernst J., reviewed on ShadowHawk X800 tactical flashlight saying, “As a Security Consultant, my job is to come up with the best tech solutions, gear and tools for the clients, guards and personnel.


After testing many Military Grade Tactical Flashlights, among which the ShadowHawk X800 as well, I am confident to say that the X800 is one of the best Taclights on the market.


As it is incredibly light and compact, it’s almost unbelievable how this virtually indestructible device produces 800 lumens and such brightness that can disorient and even neutralize the opponent. We had it field tested by striking with it, throwing it and even crushing doors with it, and surprisingly, the same item worked fine after performed tests.


Being amazingly affordable for all the features it has, I am giving this amazing product a five star rating due to being the LED flashlight with the greatest Price per Value ratio on the market.


However, there are fake products of these tactical flashlights which make bad impacts on customer’s mind but one should really be concern about the original product from the vendor.

Our Review


So far, we have discussed a lot about flashlights and their evolution. We learned about the ultimate LED tactical flashlights. There are lots of products in the market but by analyzing several factors and public demand we have come to a point where we put our sights on Lumitact G700 Tactical LED Flashlight and ShadowHawk X800 Tactical Flashlight.

We have compared both products and analyzed every component of them. We have seen that, in many cases both of them are same. But when it comes about lighting an area or about the illuminating power, the ShadowHawk X800 tactical flashlights provide 800 lumens where Lumitact G700 tactical flashlights provide 700 lumens. Both these capability is enough to lighten a place, or for turning night into day but in case of self-guidance, when you have to blind the attacker for a moment to ditch him you will need better tactical flashlight which will emit more light power. In such situation the ShadowHawk X800 Tactical LED Flashlights will do the trick more efficiently than Lumitact G700 Tactical Flashlights.

Again, when it is about the LED technology the Lumitact G700 tactical flashlights are using one of the best LED technologies while the ShadowHawk X800 tactical LED flashlights are using a revolutionary technology. On the other hand, when you are going to purchase a tactical LED flashlight you just can’t buy the ShadowHawk X800 tactical flashlight from outside of the US. So if you reside in US you should go for the ShadowHawk X800 tactical flashlights. Otherwise, the Lumitact G700 tactical LED flashlights will be the best option.


The Final Touch


Well, after all this broad discussion we have learnt a lot about flashlights and the latest tactical flashlights. It is very important to own a tactical flashlight as the crimes are growing day-by-day. To protect you and to assist yourself in various jobs or in emergency situations the tactical flashlights are the best solution. At the end of the article we have decided to declare two effective and most affordable tactical LED flashlights for you, which are Lumitact G700 Tactical LED Flashlight and ShadowHawk X800 Tactical Flashlight. Now it’s up to you which product you are going to buy for yourself as we have submitted our opinions above. After all, it is about your safety and so the best consideration should be granted.